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Tina Arena, Sicilian designer ...

has an onset working a bit on generis.Giovanissima edit and create clothes and accessories but if x is attending a school address distant from its aspirations, the Liceo classico.

This line of studies pero'la enhances its susceptibility to beauty and enhances its natural attention to detail and precious details, very present in classical culture.

Seamstress to measure and model self-taught, with Stage in Messina and Naples for the Haute Couture Bride and, as a result he obtained the Diploma of Fashion Stylist at the Istituto di Moda Burgo Milano.Il L Atelier competition of young designers is the first public event in which it participates, finishing 3rd.

In 2006 the brand was founded Tinarena and there are numerous awards and participation in events such as the Web el International Fashion Award Designer Fashion Weekend in Romania.

Among the VIPs from her "dressed" and Iaia Lola Ponce de Rose ... His source of inspiration is varied, life is inspiration, but the woman, and the facets of his clothes is to be expressed in piu'forte.

Attention to fine details, sharp lines, craftsmanship, fashion mood are the main theme of the Tina Arena's clothes ...


Tina Arena | La Stilista con le sue Modelle

Tina Arena

     Here is the little woman with a needle and thread to be surprised that they chose her sewing at night taken from the hustle and bustle of ... here to create surprising that they have chosen her ... typical of the great artists do not understand what it is .... weave with golden thread ... tina with hidden spots in the world .... invisible to the eyes ... weave masterpieces ... dare sets .... make the life of a woman ... and a stage behind the curtain is concealed a woman who conveys into his creations a touch of refined exuberance that distinguishes it. ... 're the woman who dresses the first date ... the first kiss .... undressing that first love ...
     Teresa Brancato, writer


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